Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost Tooth and First Disney Trip

Sorry for those of you viewing this from the midwest...  yes we went to Disneyland with nice weather.  It was Seth's first official visit - through which he slept most of the time.  It was a nice short visit, 4-5 hours of Disney fun.  The nice thing is that we renewed our passes so we will be able to go back throughout the year.  

I had a surreal moment the other night.  I literally made a knot out of a piece of thread and tied it around Nathan's tooth and yanked it out!!  I actually remember losing my first teeth.  YIKES - I am really a mom!  Sometimes the realization these three little ones depend on ME!!  I think it is because Nathan is starting to form memories that I actually remember from being a kid.  Whew....

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Pics

Just wanted to share some new pics - esp. with the grandparents.  As you can see, Hannah got a pretty big haircut.  Her decision.  She wanted it to her cheek.  I am getting used to it.  Nate got a haircut too and Seth needs one!  I love this picture of the three siblings.  

Below, you see Seth on a large purple ball.  He receives physical therapy once a week and this was part of it.  Susan is working on him holding his head up.  She also works on him following objects with his eyes, smiling, talking, tummy time, etc.  He is an A+ student!!

Love the Star Wars shirt!! Our friends Matt and Shannon got that for Seth.  So cute!  It is a favorite of Nate's who is all about Star Wars right now.  Speaking of Nathan - he is SO close to losing his first tooth.  I will post pics of that when it happens.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seth Update

Our little guy is still that...  little.  He had a dr. check up on Thurs. and at seven weeks, he still weighed less than both Nathan and Hannah did at birth.  He was 8 lb, 2 oz (Hannah was 8 lb 3 oz and Nathan was 8 lb 4 oz).  This is only the 25th percentile for the Downs growth chart.  He was 20.25 inches, also the 25th percentile.  His little peanut head is only 14 cm around which is the 5th percentile.  I always wanted a little one and I got it.  He is so sweet and cuddly.

Seth started his once a week therapy last week.  For an hour a week a sweet gal named Susan will be working with him to become more aware of the world around him, strengthening his muscles, and reaching his milestones.  Although on average, Downs kids are later on pretty much every milestone, this isn't always the case.  Seth is already lifting his head well.  I am just waiting for that first official "real" smile.  

Seth also had his first official photo shoot.  Our friend Andre took beautiful pictures of him.  Now we just need to get some taken of the whole family.  (I am having trouble uploading the pics....)

Hope you all are well!