Monday, November 24, 2008

Five Weeks and Counting

Seth will be here soon.  As I sit here typing this, he is moving all over the place, reminding me that he is doing well.  I am so excited to meet him, but so nervous at the same time.

Twelve weeks ago, we found out that Seth has down syndrome.  He also has what is called and omphalocele.  (This means that he has a small hole in his abdomen and a portion of intestines protruding outside it.)  This means that he will be in the NICU for a few weeks after birth before coming home.  Everything about this birth is going to be different.  I am not going to be able to hold him for days, feed him for at least 1-2 weeks, take him home to our family.  So yes, I am very excited, but also sad.  Sad about what I am going to miss the first days of his life and what I am going to have to adjust to for the rest of our lives.

This site is to help keep all of you updated on his first few days of life and his milestones throughout the months to come.  


Kristen said...

I am so thrilled for the great news that surgery won't be needed. We can't wait to meet him, too!

stephanie said...

The Erres are covered in prayer by the Leepers. We can't wait to meet this special little guy. What a blessing he is going to be to us all. xoxoxoxo Stephanie

Ali said...

I also cannot wait to meet this little buddy. I am still rejoicing in the fact that "traditional" surgery is not needed, and I cannot wait to see what other great surprises are in store for all of us as we meet Seth.

You are a beautiful mama!

Judy said...

Yes, all the Leepers are praying for baby Seth! We can't wait to welcome him into the world! xoxo Judy

Linda said...

Hey Justina,
Thank you for posting the information about you and Seth. First, I must state the fact that if anyone could be a great mommy to a child with special needs, it's you! Secondly, my little half brother was born with a diaphragmatic hernia and underwent surgery a few days after he was born. Logan is turning 6 in February and although the prognosis wasn't good for him because of an underdeveloped heart and lung, he has recovered fully and runs, plays and yells like any other 6 year old boy! My other half brother (Wyatt-almost 8 in January) is autistic and is a little above moderately social and learning to play soccer and pass the ball to the teammates! There is so much hope in the road ahead of you. There are challenges as well, but I'm sure Seth will surprise you at all the right times!!! Cherish those moments and as my dad says about Wyatt, "we focus on the good days and sometimes when the day is bad we focus on the good moments". The Lord has His Mighty Hand on Seth's life and has a Mighty plan for it! I'm sure you will see the Lord work in ways you never imagined in your family and in your son. You have a special gift with a child with special needs. Enjoy your blessing in disguise!!!
I'm praying for a safe c-section for you & have a very Merry Christmas.
Your friend,
Linda Schaefer

Kristen said...

just in case anyone is looking here for updates - Seth came early on Dec. 26th! He had a successful sugery this morning to repair his tummy. Intestines appear to be working well! Praise God. I hear he has red hair just like his siblings. Let's keep the Erre's in our prayers.