Friday, January 2, 2009


I will post pictures tomorrow.  Seth finally got to come home around 3:30 today after waiting to get circumcised.  We had several visitors to welcome him home.  The poor little guy is so sleepy and only was awake for about 1/2 hour of the 7 hours he's been home.  It is an absolute amazing sight to see him all bundled in his bed.  I am off to try to catch a few Z's before I have to feed him later!!


aida said...

love you Erre family. so glad that Seth is home with you all. Looking forward to meeting him.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Erre family ~ Ohio Alice here ~ so glad the little guy is home and so glad to see a picture of Gramma holding him!! You guys are doing great and I have found, that nothing is ever quite as bad as we imagine it to be!!! And this just proves it! I will continue to keep you in my prayers and give Gramma a hug for me!!!!

Joanne said...

What a beautiful baby! So glad to hear he is home. Looking forward to giving your newest angel a big fat kiss.